The Five Apps I Use on a Daily Basis

As part of the 2013 WordCount Blogathon challenge, I have an assigned/suggested topic for today’s (11th hour) blog post. I want to share the five apps that I use on a daily basis.

A little backstory…

A couple of years ago, I bought the first generation iPad. This purchase was the first step into an eventual and total PC to Mac conversion. In addition to my iPad, I cannot live without my iPhone 4S and my MacBook Pro. As a matter of fact, I left my power cord at a client’s office and had to use a PC yesterday. It…………was…………………slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The main requirement for my technology is that it keeps me untethered, yet connected, without demanding a lot of maintenance. If I want or need to work in Tennessee or Tunisia, I have that freedom. The Apple products give me the platform, and the following apps build on that infrastructure.
iCloud1. iCloud synchronizes my contacts, calendar and photos. If I add a contact on my iPhone, within minutes–sometimes literally within seconds–that contact is also available on my iPad and my MacBook. That’s the beauty of the iOS–no duplication of efforts and a backup in the cloud in case any of my devices disappear or die on me.
2. I was using Evernote long before I made the switch to Apple products. This is my go-to research tool. I love clipping and organizing articles and URLs with the web clipper app for Safari. There’s even a desktop version and iPhone and iPad apps. Again, no matter what device I’m using, I can access Evernote.

Google Maps for iPhone3. Google Maps for iPhone has replaced the standalone GPS that I bought four years ago. Google Maps is much more reliable than the default iPhone map application.

Instagram4. I deleted my Instagram account when they announced new terms of service. However, Instagram backed down a bit from their proposed changes and starting building in some cool functionality. I like that I can automatically share my photos with my Facebook, Twitter or other social network accounts that I select. I’m still playing with this one.

Hootsuite5. I cannot live without Hootsuite. I use it mainly for Twitter because I monitor multiple accounts and follow different columns of information (Hootsuite calls these “streams”). I’ve done a lot of work organizing followers with Twitter lists and Hootsuite allows you to convert those lists into streams. You can do the same with search terms or hashtags (#s). I wish Hootsuite was as useful for Facebook and LinkedIn. I like that I can post to those accounts from Hootsuite, but I’ve not found it useful for monitoring other accounts. Oh, and I almost left out my favorite tool: the scheduler. I can create a number of 140-character messages, then schedule them to go out at specific dates and times. This goes a long way to automating the social media process, at least when you’re in broadcast mode.

Those are my five favorite apps. What are yours?

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