Author Index

Looking for someone? Below is a list of authors, organized alphabetically by last name, who have been featured on Southern Spines:

Allen, Sarah Addison – author, Lost Lake

Anderson, Laurie Halse – author, The Impossible Knife of Memory

Andrews, Amy – Book-Loving Troubadour

Barnhardt, Wilton – author, Lookaway, Lookaway

Brock, Kimberly – author, The River Witch

Brookshire, Dustin – author, To The One Who Raped Me

Butler, Robert Olen – author, The Hot Country

Calonita, Jen – author, Belles

Cash, Wiley – author, This Dark Road to Mercy

Chupack, Cindy – author, The Longest Date

Cook, Claire – author, Wallflower in Bloom

Corrigan, Kelly – author, Glitter and Glue

Crawford, Katharine Scott – author, Keowee Valley

Echols, Jennifer – author, Such a Rush

Fennelly, Beth Ann – co-author, The Tilted World

Franklin, Tom – co-author, The Tilted World

Franklin-Willis, Amy – author, The Lost Saints of Tennessee

Gillespie, Hollis – author, Unaccompanied Minor

Gilmore, Susan Gregg – author, The Funeral Dress

Gurganus, Allan – author, Local Souls

Henry, Patti Callahan – author, And Then I Found You

Hite, Ann – author, Ghost on Black Mountain

Hoffman, Alice – author, The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Jackson, Joshilyn – author, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty and Someone Else’s Love Story

Kearsley, Susanna – author, The Firebird

Kelley, Collin – author, Kiss Shot

Kibler, Julie – author, Calling Me Home

Kline, Christina Baker – author, Orphan Train

Koppel, Lily – author, The Astronaut Wives Club

Lamott, Anne – author, Help Thanks Wow

Lawhon, Ariel – author, The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress

Leganski, Rita – author, The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow

Locke, Attica – author, The Cutting Season

March, Mia – author, The Meryl Streep Movie Club

Martin, Steve – author, An Object of Beauty

McHugh, Laura – author, The Weight of Blood

McVoy, Terra Elan – author, Criminal

Moriarty, Liane – author, The Husband’s Secret

Morris, Michael – author, Man in the Blue Moon

Moyes, Jojo – author, The Girl You Left Behind

Napolitano, Ann – author, A Good Hard Look

Owens, Janice – author, American Ghost

Pearce, Jackson – author, Fathomless

Pearsall, Shelley – author, Jump Into the Sky

Pence, Charlotte – editor, The Poetics of American Song Lyrics

Rash, Ron – author, Serena

Robinson, Sarah – author, Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities

Shapiro, B. A. – author, The Art Forger

Sheehy, Hugh – author, The Invisibles

Shortridge, Jennie – author, Love Water Memory

Shteyngart, Gary – author, Little Failure

Smith, Lee – author, Guests on Earth

Tessaro, Kathleen – author, The Perfume Collector

Wascom, Kent – author, The Blood of Heaven

Westover, Tim – author, Auraria

White, Susan Rebecca – author, A Place at the Table

Williams, Amanda Kyle – author, Stranger in the Room and The Stranger You Seek (two-part interview)

Winchester, Renea – author, In the Garden with Billy

Woods, Stuart – author, Doing Hard Time

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